Board Guidelines

Board Guidelines for the re-registration of a non-government school
NEW  – Approved by the Minister for Education 7 July 2021

The purpose of this document is to provide schools seeking to re-egister with an understanding of the matters the Board will take into account when determining whether a school meets the Standards. This document contains the information which schools must provide to the Office of the Education Registrar as part of the application for registration.


Length of Registration Periods

In December 2021, the Non-Government Schools Registration Board approved a rubric that will be used by the Board to determine the length of a registration period to be granted for each individual school. This rubric is intended to assist the Board to make consistent decisions based on the findings of the Registration Report.

Length of Registration Periods – Approved by NGSRB on 11 December 2021




Schedule of Fees

In accordance with the Education Act 2016 and the Education Regulations 2017, the following fee schedule was determined by the Non-Government Schools Registration Board and approved by the Minister for Education on 5 September 2017.

Schedule of Fees


Standards for registration

A registered non-government school wishing to re-register must apply to the registrar setting out how it meets the following standards.  The full standards can be found at Schedule 4 of the Education Regulations 2017.

A short summary of the requirements for each standard is as follows:

1. Governance

Responsibilities of the school’s governing body including the governance relationship between the governing body and Principal.  The development of a school development plan and annual reporting.

2. student learning

That the school provides learning specific to the types of students attending the school and for the type of education for which the school is registered.

3. Curriculum

That the school provides the appropriate curriculum approved by the Australian Government and/or ACARA for the years of schooling for which the school is registered.

4. assessment and reporting

That the school has an assessment and reporting policy consistent with the requirements of the Australian Government.

5. student welfare

That the school has policies covering student welfare including critical incidents and areas such as harassment, bullying and child protection.  This extends to boarding houses where the school operates a boarding house.

6. financial resources

That the school can demonstrate that it has sufficient financial resources to provide the education for which it is seeking re-registration.

7. staff

That the school can demonstrate that all staff are or will be registered teachers where applicable and registered under the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013.

8. Facilities and environment

The school must demonstrate that all of its facilities do, or will comply with all relevant laws and be safe for the purposes for which they are intended to be used.  the school must also demonstrate that the facilities are or will be suitable to enable the delivery of the curriculum.

9. enrolment and attendance

That the school can demonstrate that it has an enrolment and attendance policy which is consistent with any Ministerial Instructions and is consistent with all relevant laws.

10. number of students

That the school can demonstrate that it will has enough students to be financially viable, meet the educational and social needs of the students and that not more than half of the students are children of the principal or staff.

11. complaints management

That the school has a complaints management policy which ensures that complaints by staff and parents are processed separately and that all complaints are dealt with fairly and objectively.

12. behaviour management

That the school has a student behaviour management policy and may have an adult behaviour management policy.

13. compliance with law

That the governing body ensures that the school has whatever policies are necessary to ensure that it complies with all relevant laws.