In July 2021, the Non-government Schools Registration Board approved a Policy that outlines how the Board will handle complaints concerning non-government schools.

Under the Education Act 2016, the Non-government Schools Registration Board is responsible for monitoring the compliance of non-government schools with the Registration Standards as outlined in the Education Regulations 2017.

In respect of a complaint, the Board can only consider whether a school is not fully compliant with any of the Registration Standards.

The Board does not investigate:

  • matters relating to concerns about a teacher’s conduct, or capacity to teach
  • allegations of criminal behaviour (such as alleged fraud or child abuse)
  • matters relating to the statutory functions of other government agencies (such as alleged breaches of funding)
  • where common law remedies may be available to the complainant (such as alleged breaches of contractual obligations).

The Non-government Schools Registration Board (the Board) can only consider complaints concerning non-government schools where the school may not be fully compliant with the Registration Standards.

NGSRB Policy Complaints concerning non-government schools 

NGSRB Form Complaints concerning non-government schools