A registered school must notify the Registrar if it wishes to amend:

  • the type of education it has been registered to provide (for example to change from primary to secondary)
  • the location of the campus of the school or the addition of a campus


Change of Principal

A registered school must notify the Registrar within 30 days if a principal retires or leaves and on the appointment of a new principal.

Under section 199 of the Education Act 2016,  a person may not be appointed as principal of a registered school providing compulsory education unless he or she is a registered teacher, within the meaning of the Teachers Registration Act 2000, who has full registration under that Act.

Under clause 19 of the Education Regulation 2017, the Administrative Authority of the School must formally advise the Registrar of a new principal. Confirmation of their registration status, including their TRB registration number is also to be provided to the Registrar.

In addition, principal contact details at the school including an email address and mobile number are to be provided to the Registrar’s Office.

email: registrar@oer.tas.gov.au