Board Guidelines and FORMS

The Education Act 2016 provides that the Non-government Schools Registration Board may make Guidelines as to the application process against each of the Standards, such Guidelines to be approved by the Minister.

In January 2018, the the Minister for Education and Training approved Board Guidelines for the
re-registration of an existing school and registration of a new school.

Revised guidelines (version 3) were approved by the Minister for Education on 7 July 2021.

The Guidelines have been developed so as to give schools a clear set of instructions as to what the Board requires in order to assess compliance with the standards, along with explanatory information to assist schools to understand how the Standards will be upheld by the Board.

Length of Registration Periods

At the end of 2021, the Non-Government Schools Registration Board approved a rubric that will be used by the Board to determine the length of a registration period to be granted for each individual school. This rubric is intended to assist the Board to make consistent decisions based on the findings of the Registration Report.