Under section 17 of the Education Act 2016, a  parent of a school-aged child, or a school-aged child who is living independently to apply in writing to the Minister to permit the student to attend a school part-time.

The Minister has delegated his decision making power in respect of independent registered schools (ie non Catholic schools) to the Education Registrar, therefore the Instruction provides that the parent is to lodge the application with the school,  and the school (unless it is a Catholic School) is to lodge the application with my Office at parttimeattendance@oer.tas.gov.au.

Application Form for Part-time Attendance

The Minister has issued the following Ministerial Instructions in respect of part time attendance. The Ministerial Instruction’s details all of the information which an application must contain.

Ministerial Instructions No 3 – Application for Part-time Attendance at School for a school-aged child

Ministerial Instructions No 11 – Application for Part-time Attendance in an Approved Learning Program

An application form must be initiated by, and signed by the parent/s. The school may submit the form on behalf of the parents once counter-signed by the Principal.