Enrolment at school for Part-time attendance of a home educated child

An application to home educate a child may include the part-time enrolment and attendance of a child at one school.

Part time attendance can be up to the equivalent of two full days a week but may be spread out across the week in smaller blocks as agreed between the parent and the Principal.  If you wish to transition your child into full time school you may negotiate with the Principal to increase attendance over the course of the year preceding full time school as a way of transitioning your child into schooling.  Further information can be found in The Education Act 2016.

Information about the part-time enrolment at school for home educated students has been developed by the Education Registrar and includes information on the process for part time attendance for enrolment at State Schools.

The Department of Education has released an Expression of Interest Form for home educating parents wanting to enrol at school part time as well as Guidelines to Schools.