Who must Register

You must register as a home educator if you choose to home educate your child or youth.

  • Home Education – HESP template (PDF)
  • Home Education – HESP template (Word)
    This document may be used as a guide to develop your Home Education Summary and Program. It contains text that can be typed over. You do not have to use this template it is provided as a guide only. If you choose to use your own document, please ensure that you address all Standards outlined in Requirements and Standards document.
    A separate HESP must be provided for each child.

Please note – as each child is registered individually, we require a separate HESP for each child. Your Research and Pedagogy and possibly even the Evaluation may be similar, if not exactly the same in each HESP, however the remainder of the HESP needs to be specifically written and developed for each individual child’s needs.

Examples of HESPs can be found on the THEAC website by clicking here