The Registrar’s Office is responsible for managing the new compulsory conciliation process for non-attendance at school.

The conferences will involve everyone necessary to support a resolution to non-attendance, including parents/guardians, the child (if the child wants to), and school staff.

Individual conferences will be run by independent conciliators with a report prepared providing recommendations to the Registrar.

The intent of this process is to improve outcomes for Tasmanian students not currently attending school by providing those who are responsible for ensuring a child attends school with a way to participate in a process and to voice their needs to enable and support them to ensure the student returns to school.

Information about attendance and non attendance policies can be found on the Department for Education, Children and Young People website for government schools.  For independent non-government schools you should check with each individual school and the Catholic Education Office for Catholic schools.  Ministerial Instructions are for both government and Non-government schools.

Ministerial Instructions for the Management of Non-Attendance

Department of Education procedure for attendance and non-attendance