Road Safety Education Program (RYDA) – October 2018 (Year 10 students)

A program to equip young people with the knowledge to stay safe on Australian roads.

Sessions will be held at Symmons Plains on the following dates:

Monday 22nd October:  30 spaces available
Tuesday 23rd October:  150 spaces available
Wednesday 24th October:  80 spaces available
Friday 26th October:  110 spaces available
Monday 29th October:  60 spaces available
Tuesday 30th October:  20 spaces available
Wednesday 31st October: 150 spaces available
Thursday 1st November:  100 spaces available

Please contact Annette Viney, Northern RYDA Coordinator at as soon as possible, if you wish to participate.

This information is provided as a community service only. Persons wishing to partake in this service should undertake their own due diligence.