Program Alert!

The increase in families choosing to home educate is truly wonderful, however this has also meant that new business’s offering home education programs for purchase is on the rise too.

This certainly isn’t a bad thing but it can be difficult to determine whether the program/curriculum you purchase is going to meet the Standards to receive full registration in Tasmania.

We have been receiving a number of programs where the majority of learning is being undertaken through a virtual learning program called, “State of the Heart”.

We may not accept HESP’s based solely on these programs. This is based on the fact that the work undertaken by your child through the platform, may not be retrieved and therefore you will be unable to demonstrate evidence of learning. In some programs you are required to pay an additional fee to access this evidence.

This means that we cannot assess the work and your renewing HESP will not meet the Evaluation Standard. You must submit a HESP which explains your program, not one someone else creates for you.

If you think you might be in this position and would like some guidance, please call the OER on 61656135 or email us at